Volunteers at the Ossipee Valley Music Festival are the backbone of our festival. Have you got the skeletal fortitude to be part of our crew?

Volunteer Criteria:

Volunteers must be 18 years or older and are expected to work twelve hours
(or the equivalent) for a week-end pass, or six hours for a 1-day pass. These shifts can be divided in several ways (four hour blocks, two hour blocks etc.) 

Please email us with your top three preference areas noted. Let us know your availability and any strengths that will help us place you in the right position.  

Assignments, duties and hours are subject to last minute change based on the needs of the festival. 

Volunteers must arrive two hours before their first assigned shift, check in and fill out their paperwork at the volunteer gate.  

Please note: we have a limited number of positions for 2014! Once those positions are filled, we will not accept additional applicants. 

 If you are interested email the Volunteer Coordinator with the following information: 


              -Phone Number (cellphone and home phone) 

              -3 areas of interest from the list below

              -Days you are planning to be at the festival  


We need your help in the following areas

Getting the word out:
If you're handy with a push pin or staple gun this is the job for you. Send us your mailing address and the amount of flyers and posters you can distribute and the area you will be distributing in and we'll send you a parcel of work to do. This equals 2 hours of festival volunteer time. You will be required to send us a nice picture of you posting flyers as proof of your work! (feel free to make it as creative or goofy as possible!) You will be required to complete a a 4 hour shift and a 2 hour shift at the festival too.

Front Gate:
This involves being on the front line with lots of sparkly personality a sense of fun, not to mention at times a bucket load of patience. You wil work under the guidance of the Gate Captain and sell tickets to festival attendees, as well as check and verify names of people who bought their tickets on-line. Ticket Sales volunteers also dispense and attach wristbands to paid guests, and answer general questions. This job requires attention to detail, money handling and making change.

Set up and breakdown:
This involves a real strong backbone. The grounds are transformed in just a week. This job involves setting up, and taking down, the stages, tables, signs, setting out and picking up trash cans, etc. Requirements are reasonably good physical condition and availability the week before and a few days after the Festival. Breakdown starts Sunday night and must be completed by Wednesday morning after the festival. There's always some amount of pizza and swimming involved during this time!

Trash removal and other crappy jobs:
Works under Facilities Captain.  Remove full trash bags, tie off and pile next to trash cans twice a day.  Keeps concert area clean. Heavy lifting required. Bring work gloves, work shoes, rain gear, sun screen and a great sense of humor.

Bathroom detail:  Don't worry, this is just a re-stocking job! Spot check toilets for cleanliness and toilet paper & paper towell supply.  Spot check showers and clean as necessary. Again a great sense of humor is needed and you will earn the debt and gratitude of all at the fairgrounds.

We have three stages that need support. You will be guided by the Crew Captain. Assist performers as necessary; maintain performers' tents.  Assist emcee as needed.  Assist sound crew as asked. Prior experience preferred, lack of ego necessary (this is not about shmoozing!).

Merchandise sales and information booth:

You will work under the guidance of the Gate Captain and sell OVMF merchandise items at the sales tent. This is another smiling face place! You will also assist with selling performers' merchandise if needed.

On occasion we need drivers to run errands and pickup bands.  This requires a van size mobile and a valid license.

You need to be in better shape than the average shuffle board player. Security volunteers must have good manners and ask the same of attendees. Work under the Security Captain you will enforce no smoking, no alcoholic beverages, and no pets in concert area. Patrol festival grounds; enforce noise-good neighbor policy. Notify staff or front gate if any safety issues arise.  Try to assist festival attendees; if you can't answer a question or provide assistance, direct or guide festivalgoer to front gate for assistance.  Refer complaints to Staff or front gate. Please indicate if you are an insomniac and willing to do the ever popular 12am to 6am shift.

If you are interested email the Volunteer Coordinator.


All OVMF volunteers must sign in at the front gate. ID Badges must be worn at all times in full view.  Security volunteers must wear STAFF t-shirts.

The use, possession, sale, transfer, purchase or being under the influence of drugs is against the law. Volunteers represent the festival and as such, are required to remain free of the influence of illegal drugs, inhalants or alcohol while performing volunteer work. Volunteers must not report for duty or be on festival grounds while under the influence of, or have in their possession while on festival grounds, any drug or alcoholic substance. Violation of this policy will result in immediate discharge from the volunteer program and from the festival grounds.

Safety at OVMF is a top priority. All accidents are preventable. OVMF volunteers are responsible for their safety, the safety of their fellow volunteers and attendees. All injuries or accidents must be reported directly to staff.

Our Expectations:

  1. Report ON TIME.
  2. Strive for kindness, generosity, maturity, friendliness, honesty, civility and respect when dealing with everyone you meet.
  3. No rudeness, ridiculing, aggressive behavior, disrespectful language or acting irresponsibly.
  4. Make your best effort to help festival patrons.  They are the reason we are here and they are paying to enjoy the music and the friendliest festival in the country.
  5. Wear suitable clothing, reasonably clean.
  6. Maintain excellent housekeeping, help remove rubbish and leave area clean for the next shift.
  7. If you have complaints, issues and/or questions about any volunteer's actions or decisions, please take it up privately with that person. Loud complaints in front of patrons about the festival or its staff does not solve the issue, nor does it enhance the reputation of the festival as a laid back, family friendly environment.

On behalf of the festival staff, we hope that you have a great experience. We appreciate your hard work.