Welcome to Seedlings 2014! 


This summer Sarah Gardner brings her Seedlings program to Ossipee Valley, designed specially for the under seven set, or for those kids who are looking for activities other than the Roots & Sprouts Academy. Loads of fun for all... so bring your kids and get ready to make a mess and have a great time!

*All Seedlings activities will begin at the Ossipee Stage



Small hands crafts

Bring a nice stick! 10am Bring your little early risers over to the Ossipee stage to make magic wands and fancy ?shing poles, while the rest of your campsite sleeps late. Find a nice stick to use for your creation. We provide the magic and materials. Fri. & Sat.

Parachutes, Balloons & Balls! 11am

Kids of all ages welcome to join in the games with balloon bopping, ball playing, parachute ?apping fun. Pets (live and stuffed) welcome to play too. Fri & Sat.

MaD HaTTErS - Come CreaTe a CraZy Hat! 12 noon

Ossipee will never be the same after the Mad Hatters top the heads of audiencemembers. Come make a hat to add to your fabulous festival fashion. All Ages. Fri/Sat

SEEDLINGS! Sing & Play Alongs with Sarah

Kids get to sing, dance and play instruments along with Sarah. (Jam sessions throughout day)

ZOMBIE Make-Unders 3pm

Anyone can be beautiful with a bit of face paint, but we are taking it to a new level. This is your chance to paint your friends, your kids and maybe even your parents or grandparents into the Zombie-look of the future.

TiE DyE - Bring a shirt to dye! 4pm* or buy one for $5

Awkward or Epic? You decide! Teen Talent Show 5:30 pm

Got attitude? Maybe an odd talent? Can you burp your ABC’s? Show us a skateboard trick? Tell jokes? Play ukelele? Recite a poem? Perhaps you’re truly musical or can dance with a friend? Sign up for a spot in our Talent Show! Note: If you are not a teenager YET, but have attitude or talent - sign up anyway!! Sign up at festival or Email: Sarahnova99@yahoo.com

DOG Parade! Saturday 2PM

We are the only festival to have a Dog Parade! Meeting at the Fun For Kids Tent and doing a circle around the festival. Click here for the rules!