Stompin' and Two Steppin' and Shufflin'...
Yessiree its goona be a good time!

Alright, you asked for more dancing, and you’re gonna get more dancing!

In 2011 the Wiyos rocked the barn walls down. In 2012 The Dirt Daubers were infectious. This year we announce more Blow the Roof off the Old Dance Barn Dancing! kicking off after the last act on the main stage, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

*Please note: the below are from 2013. Announcing 2014 soon!!  


Thursday Night, Cabinet!


 You might think Cabinet is a strange name for a band. But these boys fit that description -- the rough hewn structure that began as six musicians with divergent styles coming together has been whittled, sanded, polished through hard work and persistence. The result is a bluegrass and folk hybrid band which elegantly arranges its music in a way that showcases each member's unique approach to the tradition. They are fresh and ready to go, and they'll be starting off our barn dances with a Thursday night celebration! 




Friday Night, Tricky Britches 

Tricky Britches is a high-energy string band hailing from Portland, Maine. From their roots of playing heel-stomping old-time fiddle tunes they have progressed into a fusion of classic bluegrass, country, and folk rock. They are an Ossipee All Time Favorite! 

Saturday Night, Caravan of Thieves


If Django Reinhardt, the cast of Stomp and the Beatles all had a party at Tim Burton's house, Caravan of Thieves would be the band they hired. They play an infectious blend of uptempo cover songs, and original material, you will be dancing all night!